Breast Surgery

Breast surgery refers to operations on the breast, which can include various procedures such as tumor removal, mastectomy, adhesion release, breast reduction, or breast reconstruction.

Information for patients:

Tumor Removal: Benign and/or malignant changes in the breast can often be removed with minimal cosmetic impact. However, special care is required when there is suspicion of malignant changes.

Breast Reconstruction: If a breast has an unnatural shape due to previous surgeries or aging, surgical breast reconstruction can be performed. This procedure restores the appearance of the breast by removing scar tissue or restoring breast volume through the use of expanders or autologous tissue.

Adhesion Release: Adhesions are excessive fibrin deposits between organs and tissues that the body cannot break down naturally. These adhesions can cause discomfort. In such cases, adhesions are released or removed through surgery.


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